Another School Year

And so the first week in September is underway as is the new school year. It’s the time for fussing over the uniforms and stocking up on lunch supplies. It’s the time many mothers look forward to and the time many mothers dread. But either way it’s the time for the kids to get back into learning and developing those wee brains.
For many it’s the time to send little treasures off on their first day of school. This can be traumatic for many parents and is a day so many dread. But chin up and look on it as a new oppurtunity for you as well as the child. Maybe this enables you, the mother or the father to take more time to onself. Enjoy a little ‘me’ time until it’s time to rush off and collect.
School days really are the best days of our children’s lives. None of us realised this until it was too late. I think it’s of vital importance that we all encourage our children to enjoy their school days and use them wisely.
Having our health is of course the most important attribute we can have, but education is so very easily carried. Teach them to carry it well.


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