North West Culture gal!

Someone asked me recently who I am? They were a reader of North West Culture gal and said that instead of writing a review of someone/book/food etc, that I should write a piece about the gal behind the reviews. And so here it is.
I’m a gal from the North West of Ireland, Inishowen, Co. Donegal. Or to be more precise, a gal from the village of Muff in the heart of Inishowen. As the village borders Derry, I have the great advantage of being on the doorstep of one of our country’s best cultural cities. However, there is a lot that is culture and more here in this wee village. Muff hosts an array of musical, literary, culinary, and much more talent. So there’s always something to see/hear/read/enjoy here in the North West of Ireland.
Hence I started blogging about the books I read, the gigs I attend, the escapes I take, and the theatre I visit. And then I blog about anything along the way that takes my fancy.
I’m a mummy blogger with  , and I freelance with Irish Music Magazine. I run my own writing business, The WRITE STUFF, where I pen a wide variety of words. I also tutor Leaving Cert and Junior Cert English. More recently I have embarked upon hosting Creative Writing workshops for children. And so my work continually develops. And of course I’m a blogger!
On top of all this I’m wife to my husband of almost 23 years, mother to a 24 year old, a 21 year old, and a 17 year old (all boys). And I love it all.
I’m an avid reader of various blogs and what I realised recently is that all the bloggers I follow are mainly young folk, trendy fashionable folk, and folk that live very different lives to me. I on the other hand am 40+, non-trendy, biker husband, and love the community spirit that is in my wee village. I love meeting new folk and learning from them. There’s no one I dislike (though some may dislike me) and I believe life is for living.
So, as I type my reviews, my experiences, my trials and tribulations with the world of Culture/Travel/Food/Entertainment and more, do enjoy the journey with me, and do comment if you can.
As another week is about to invade our lives, it’s goodnight on this wet, miserable Sunday, from me here in Muff. And here’s wishing everyone well as the forthcoming week arrives.

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