The Roundabout, Ladies clothing Buncrana

The Roundabout is a ladies boutique situated at the West End roundabout in Buncrana town. It specialises in Spanish, French, Italian and of course, Irish, stock. There is new, and ‘nearly new’ clothing in store.
I had intended visiting this shop over recent months but never seemed to have the time. Or I’d be in Buncrana and home again when I’d remember I forgot to pop by. I’d been following the owner on facebook and took a keen interest in her stock updates. However, I had an incling that it looked maybe out of my price range. Perhaps this is what prevented my going in before now. However, earlier today, as I was driving past, I decided to park up, and go have a nosey!
What awaited me, I could never have anticipated. There were pieces everywhere
which I wanted. There were pieces to suit all price ranges, and there were pices that were simply ‘me’!
This really is a little hidden treasure of a boutique. If you like to wear something a little different, something that will stand out, or just something simple, then have a look in The Roundabout. And then when you find that something to wear, you will also find a little accessorie to go alongside it.
What I really liked about this shopping experience is that the propietor Patricia, was extremely friendly and at no time made me feel under pressure to make a purchase. But purchase I plan to do on a few of those items! And then maybe some more……
I left here earlier today already looking forward to my next visit. And next time, I certainly won’t leave it as long to park up and go inside for that nosey!

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