After The Rebellion: chapter 1 and 2

Whilst hosting a Creative Writing summer camp for children last week, here in Inishowen, Donegal, I was very fortunate to welcome a young lady from Redcastle in Co. Donegal. As the week went by, I discovered that this young girl is a very talented writer. Her fan fiction has a growing following on Instagram and her work needs to be read.

The following links are the first two chapters in this fan fiction of this 11 year old Donegal girl. She has been posting the story on Instagram for a number of months now. This young lady has three series written in this fan fiction based on her favourite books, The Hunger Games. I hope to post a selection of chapters here on a regualr basis and please read. This is a piece of work which deserves to get noticed, and this young lady is exceptionally talented.

After the Rebellion, Chapter 1

After the Rebellion, Chapter 2

I really hope you enjoyed the above. This is just the beginning.

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