SHIFT fanzine launch

Tonight saw the launch of the 1st issue of SHIFT fanzine at The Playhouse, Derry. From chocolate coated strawberries to wine, to outstanding writing and performance, this launch is certainly just the beginning of something which is set to grow.
SHIFT is a fanzine for lovers of the written word. Based in the NW of Ireland, it will give people the best of new writing and a place for new writers to publish their work.
SHIFT are: Siobhan Curley, Jenni Doherty, Áine McCarron, Geraldine Quigley and Monica Smallwood.
Together with a delightful audience, these ladies helped showcase just what talent is prevalent in the NW and surrounding areas. A host of writers read their work tonight and it really was talent at its very best. For myself the most poignant reading tonight came from a young chap, Micheál McCann. Micheál read his poem, PAPA’S PILLBOX, a very moving tribute to his late Grandfather.
This was just a snippet of what’s in SHIFT’s first issue. The fanzine is filled to capacity with the written word at it’s best.
Just being among the people gathered tonight allowed me to experience the comradeship among the writers and the organisers; the NW people and their talent. It really did have a special ambiance throughout the gathering.
I for one look forward to many more issues of SHIFT and reading the written word of NW Ireland and beyond.

SHIFT is now available to purchase at Little Acorns Bookstore and Cafe Nervosa Derry for the small price of just £2.

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