Strawberry Festival at Glen House

I’d been really looking forward to the Strawberry Festival this afternoon at Glen House in Clonmany beside Glenevin Waterfall. Having read about it a few weeks ago, I had invited mother and my aunt along for the afternoon. So when I woke this morning and saw the weather I decided that the winter coat and hat would accompany me – I wasn’t missing out on this treat.
So at lunchtime today we headed to Clonmany and it was blowing a gale, and pouring from the heavens. But that didn’t deter anyone. The carpark was full, the minibus was lifting and laying from the nearby GAA carpark, so we parked up and took the ride!
On arrival at Glen House, folk were ducking and diving amongst the showers and rushing from one tent to the next. In each and every tent was a real treasure trove. Candles to soap, knitwear to tyre plant holders, food to glassware, paintings to bbq, Glen House had it all amid the winter summers day!
I browsed and I bought, and then it was definitely time for afternoon tea. After a very short wait, we were seated at a delightful window table. Looking out across the mountains, I can only imagine what an amazing view on a real summers day this must be. Tea/Coffee, sandwiches, scones, cheesecake, rocky mountain squares and such were served. Not forgetting the strawberry for each!
It really was simply divine and as I don’t normally dawn my china-ware near often enough, this was a real treat and every crumb and drop was devoured. Service was extremely busy and it never faltered. Everyone had a smile and it wasn’t forced. Clearly the day was being enjoyed by staff and visitors alike.
As we left earlier today I was saddened that it was just too wet to make the walk to Glenevin Waterfall (a regular haunt of mine from the children were little and now a Sunday stroll for myself and himself). We shall have the walk another day soon.
This was nowhere near perfect conditions for a Strawberrry Festival but I certainly had a pretty perfect afternoon. And having now seen Glen House and it’s glory, I look forward to a wee night there soon.

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