Advertise with North West Culture

Do you or your business wish to avail of the new advertising service from North West Culture? If so just send a wee private message to the North West Culture facebook page or North West Culture twitter page. Alternatively email:
For a small fee, North West Culture can help promote your business on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. All you need to do is ‘yell’! A banner can be placed on the blog and a feature can be written to sell your business to North West Culture audience, This audience is growing by the day and stretches from Ireland, the UK, to Europe and the US. Oh yes, this wee blog is getting a very wide and varied audience. In fact it was that very audience which suggested this form of advertising for YOU!
There are already a number of businesses on board as you can see from the blog so here is your chance now to get involved. Check out Currency Fair and Make Me Up By Nicola who are already here! Forget the extortionate advertising fees from other media outlets and let North West Culture offer you affordable rates with not just one ad for one week, but an ad alongside a regular feature over weeks/months and it really won’t break that bank.
If you’re a pub, a restaurant, a band, any business in fact, this is the place to get your advert NOW. North West Culture will deliver cost effective advertising and reach a world wide audience. Why not try for yourself and see!
Special offer running for one week only – first business to get in touch will get one month FREE advertising! Come aboard!

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