Teac Jack, Gaoth Dobhair

Nestled along the rugged coastline of West Donegal, Teac Jack is the ideal spot to stop off and put down roots for a few days. And that’s exactly what I’ve done this very weekend. Having stopped off here a few years ago for a quick bite to eat, I said I’d return one day and spend some time enjoying this very beautiful area. And so it is underway.
Having arrived here yesterday afternoon I took a short drive around the local area and quite simply soaked up the scenery, people and place. This is a part of our native Donegal which is seeped in Irish culture, music and folklore. Not only is it the home of our musicians Altan and Clannad, but it is home to real Ireland.
Here the folk are a community. You can feel it on entering the local shops, the pubs, restaurants and just walking along the beaches. We all crave to be part of our local community but just being here, you are automatically welcomed aboard.
Early in the evening I popped along to one of my favourite pubs in Ireland, Teac Hudí Beag. It was divine in it’s welcome as always and community oozes out of its very walls.
And Teac Jack is also very much community orientated. Last night as we (hubby and I) ate in the bar, it wasn’t just your average bar food, it was wholesome grub at its very best. Served with a smile, neither of us could fault a bite. As we ate, locals and tourists alike came and went. There was a
‘hello’ or ‘fáilte’ from everyone, and one was never allowed to feel like an intruder. As the night went on and the music played, the community spirit continued.
As I start my Sunday now typing in the bar, it is with ease and sheer comfort. Coffee is flowing and the banter is glowing and the weather might be a tad miserable outside, but in here, there really is a little piece of Ireland at its very best.
So it’s time to put the keyboard away, and seep up this atmosphere before I have to leave it tomorrow. Just looking out the window at these waves, one can’t help but fall in love.

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