Dinner at McGrory’s Culdaff

So it was Bank Holiday Monday early May 2015 and the sun was shining. To sit home and cook would almost be sinful….wouldn’t it? Well in my book it certainly would be. So it was a drive around the peninsula and taking in the breathtaking scenery for a couple of hours.
As we drove into Culdaff it seemed fitting to stop off at one of my favourite haunts and treat my husband to a birthday dinner (so it might be almost a week overdue but it was worth the wait!). McGrory’s it was. As always a friendly welcome greeted us.
The bar was reasonably busy but fortunately there was indeed a comfy window seat with our name on it. As I ordered some wine the menu was delivered and as always I’m hesitant on my choice. My husband didn’t take quite so long as he spied his rib eye steak there on the menu…mind you he was unsure of the blue butter, but it went down nicely in the end!
And finally I settled on the traditional fish and chips. As we sipped on our wine and water, our dishes were served and as expected, looked rather appetising.
The medium steak I’m told melted like butter in his mouth. Well the fish melted equally in mine. The food was simply delightful and rounded off my Bank Holiday Monday just nicely.
McGrory’s you delivered yet again, and no doubt we’ll be seeing you one fine day again soon. But for
now, it’s preparing for Tuesday and the week ahead.

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