SHIFT: Literary Fundraiser at Cafe Nervosa

Why not come along later today (Wed 22nd April) at 7pm to Cafe Nervosa on Magazine Street in Derry to what promises to be the first of many literary gatherings to help get SHIFT fanzine up and running. 

An evening of readings and raffles to raise money for the first issue of SHIFT. 

SHIFT is a fanzine for lovers of the written word. Based in the North West of Ireland, it will offer writers a place to publish new work and  give readers the best of new writing. 

In advance of each issue,  an ‘open mic’ night will be held for writers who would like to try their work on an audience. Whether you’re a writer or someone who loves beautiful writing, you are invited  to join us on 22nd April for our first fundraising night. All money raised will go towards publication of the next issue. 

‘We particularly welcome people who have a secret desire to write but who have never felt confident enough to put their writing to an audience.’ 

The ‘editorial panel’ consists of 5 local women who shamelessly stole the idea from PUSH magazine. They’ve adapted the idea to suit their own notions of what will work in this area. The hope is that the first Open Mic night will provide you all with an evening of beautiful writing.

Contributions are welcome from writers who would like to read their work. All that is asked is that your contribution is in the English language and lasts no more than 10 minutes.
As an added incentive, there will be a raffle with all prizes reflecting the theme of A Writer’s Journey.
Cafe Nervosa will be providing cafe facilities this evening. If you don’t have time to get home for your tea, you’ll be able to purchase light snacks and hot drinks.

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