I’ve known a young lad, Luke McLaughlin, for a couple of years now. Based in the small village of Muff, Co. Donegal, this young lad fronts the London based band, The Turning. Muff is a far cry from the paved musical streets of London! Luke has played a number of solo gigs in the local village bar, The Squealing Pig and introduced the locals to his amazing vocals. But this is a far cry from his energetic, passionate singing with The Turning.
The band includes: Luke McLaughlin – Vocals/Guitar
David Bardon – Lead Guitar 
Louis Gilbert – Bass
Ruben Kenton-Harris – Drums
On Monday night last Luke played a small intimate gig in the said pub, The Squealing Pig, and he showcased his vocal talents to our wee community. Folk have persistently talked about it since!
I was very privileged when Luke gave me a copy of the bands current EP, SETTLE FOR THAT, on Monday night. I put it in my car CD player on Tuesday morning, and I do believe it will remain there for some time to come. What I was introduced to that morning was a taste of contemporary punk at its very best. As an avid rock fan (from the 80’s) I’m not usually impressed with the modern day punk styles but this takes it to a different level entirely…here I witnessed the best rock music influenced by some outstanding geniuses with a very contemporary 21st century twist….there’s a hint of Oasis; the Beatles; The Who; The Smiths and even the legendary The Doors…and so many more. These lads are in their teens…they shouldn’t even know these acts. And yet they’re putting a modern twist to classic punk/rock. 
The SETTLE FOR THAT ep consists of 5 tracks. Four are written by David Bardon (lead guitar) and the fifth (track 4, You Think You’re Better) is written by Luke McLaughlin (vocals/guitar). All five tracks are original, authentic and yet, on one listening you are hooked. There’s something oddly familiar about these tracks….and yet they’re comparable to nothing…this really is originality at its best. This is new contemporary punk of the highest calibre. 
The boys have a style of the sixties. They even have a look of the sixties. But the music is very much of the 21st century with a kick back to the sixties. Boy bands come and go…but this is a little more than just a boy band. This is a mix of so much more. This is the future of punk/rock. These kids are teenagers. And yet they are impressing the young and old (well as a 45 year old I’m not really old!!! Am I?) When my 17 year old son said to me yesterday, ‘Mum, you have me hooked on ‘The Turning’ I was taken aback. It made me realise that I have not only discovered a modern punk for my era, I’ve discovered a modern punk for today’s teenage kids. 
The Turning have gigged all over the UK, Europe and Ireland. Just last year they supported The Strypes. They hope to tour Japan, The US and more during 2015. If you happen to be near a venue that they’re playing, be sure and pop along. You really won’t be disappointed. These lads are just setting out on what promises to be a long, enjoyable journey. I for one, am looking forward to the trip. It’s gona be a good one. If it’s one band you look out for over the coming months and years, make it these guys, The Turning 🙂
Check out their web page for upcoming gigs at The Turning gigs
THE TURNING – SETTLE FOR THAT, EP is available to download from itunes, spotify and sound cloud…just check it out…you really won’t be disappointed!
For a little taste of the lads, have a listen at:
Settle for that (The Turning)
Stand Clear Of My Mind
You Think You’re Better, The Turning

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