Guildhall Press Writers’ Festival, BE INSPIRED

(1) Novel (2) Poetry & Prose (3) Drama (4) Writing for Children
(1) Want to Write a Novel? Get Cracking! Keep Going! with Dave Duggan (writer)
Venue: Rath Mor Centre, Creggan 10am –11:30am
Dramatist and novelist Dave Duggan will work with people who want to begin a novel. He will share his own experiences and lead practical writing exercises in an active workshop open to all. At the end of the session, you’ll have started your novel. Bring your imagination, a notebook and a pen and we’ll get cracking.
Dave Duggan lives in Derry where he works as a dramatist and novelist. His theatre work has been seen across Ireland and in New York, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Afghanistan. His film work includes writing the Oscar nominated Dance Lexie Dance (Raw Nerve Productions, 1996). He has written radio drama for BBC Radio 4 and RTÉ. His new play DENIZEN (Creggan Enterprises Limited, 2015) premiers in March. Novels include The Greening of Larry Mahon (2004) and A Sudden Sun (2012) published by Guildhall Press.
(2) Wonderful World of Worders – Creative Writing with Jenni Doherty
Venue: Rath Mor Centre, Creggan 10am – 11:30am
A workshop based on various themes, subjects and styles of writing using the discipline of stimulating the imagination by using titles to create 60 or 100 word micro-stories, collectively called ‘worders’. Subject matter can vary from contemporary modern day issues to historical, from fiction to biographical, poetic prose to philosophy, science fiction to romance, humour to surrealism – whatever the titles inspire. From these ‘worder’ nuggets, a complete short story, poem or an idea for a novel can be developed at a later stage. The workshop will present a range of concepts, ideas and images that will leave you wondering, thinking and inspired to write. Part of the workshop will include a complimentary copy of the Guildhall Press publication Wonderful World of Worders.
Jenni Doherty’s background ranges from publishing, journalism, bookselling and the public library service to facilitating creative writing workshops, organising and hosting literary events and performing. Editor and contributor to various Guildhall Press publications with her debut collection Rain Spill published in 2012. Recipient of two ACNI SIAP Awards and Winner of the Inaugural Noelle Vial Tyrone Guthrie Bursary Award 2013.
(3) Page to Stage Workshop with Felicity Mccall
Venue: Rath Mor Centre, Creggan 10am – 11:30am
A taster session of the well established Page to Stage Workshops offers an ideal opportunity for any aspiring playwrights to take the first steps towards seeing their work performed on stage. Whether you’ve got an idea for a play, a story to tell on stage, or a script in progress, this workshop with award-winning playwright and author Felicity McCall will cover everything from writing for the stage, developing characters, dialogue, structure, and practical advice on the way forward. Participants should bring six copies of up to six pages of their work but everyone’s welcome to share their enthusiasm for the world of drama.
A career journalist, Felicity McCall worked for BBC news and current affairs for twenty years before going freelance. An award-winning writer, her work includes some twenty publications in fiction, young adult fiction and non-fiction, twelve plays for the professional stage, and four screenplay credits. She has published five books with Guildhall Press: Reckoning (2006); Agnes Jones (2006); Finding Lauren (2007); A Pitying of Doves (2011) and The Pigeon Men (2014). An occasional broadcaster, arts facilitator and actor, much of her work is community based in the role of artist/activist. Felicity serves on the Irish Executive of the National Union of Journalists.
(4) Writing For Children Workshop with MARILYN MCLAUGHLIN
Venue: Gasyard Centre, Lecky Road 11am – 12:30pm
Interested in writing for children? Would you like to spend some time exploring this hugely diverse and creative field? We’ll think about the different sorts of books that can be produced: picture books, interactive books, graphic books, hand made books. We’ll focus on particular audiences, on writing material suitable for early readers, for adolescents, teenagers, young adults; also, and importantly, on your own enjoyment of words and imagery, and on the magic of language and story-making. We’ll also discuss issues around revising work, polishing it to be the very best you can make it. You’re welcome to bring along a short (very short) extract of any work you may have in progress, but only if you want. We’ll have time for some fun writing exercises as well. There is an interesting opportunity to write short pieces for some scroll making in later arts and crafts workshops. Inspiration lies all around us. We just need to look with a child’s eyes, understand as a child understands, wish as a child wishes. And that opens up a magical world. All things are possible. What happens if…? What happens next…? Then what…? And will we all get home before dark…?
Marilyn McLaughlin has a wide experience and interest in the practice of the arts. Since returning from studying English and German in Dublin and Germany, she has been involved in amateur drama (acting, production, costume and set design) and has worked as an illustrator, editor, mentor and creative writing teacher. Her books include A Dream Awoke Me and Other Stories (Blackstaff Press, 1999), and the Fierce Milly series for children. Winner of the Brian Moore Short Story Prize in 1999 and a Bisto Award and the Eilis Dillon Award in 2000.
Booking is ESSENTIAL for all writing workshops at the Guildhall PressINSPIRED Festival. Places are limited to ten participants per workshop. Booking is by email only direct to
Please put ‘Inspired Workshops’ in the subject bar and specify which of the four workshops you would like to participate in:
(1) Novel (2) Poetry & Prose (3) Drama (4) Writing for Children
Include your name, email address and a contact number. All workshops are free and preference will be given to new participants. Over 18 years of age only.
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