McGrory’s Culdaff

Last weekend myself and 3 girlfriends decided to take a night away. As it was only one night we didn’t want to spend a full day travelling so we decided to take a wee trip to Culdaff. We did reserve the two rooms a few weeks in advance, so it was off to McGrory’s for 24 hours. None of us had stayed there before…well actually I lie; one of the ladies did spend her 40th birthday there a few short years ago!
On arrival at McGrory’s we received a very warm welcome and given our room keys. The two rooms were nearby so it was rather convenient for coffee and wine! Both rooms were more than sufficient, clean and extremely comfy. We didn’t even have to share a bed…phew…sorry ladies!
Having taken an afternoon dander around the village of Culdaff (and popping into the local pubs – just for a peep; maybe a wee tipple was had), it was then back to McGrory’s in the evening again for a bite of dinner. 
The food was simply spectacular. None of us are food critics but we did mange to taste each others dishes and there wasn’t a flaw to be found. We couldn’t even fault the price! Every euro was worth its weight in food! I’m sure our dishes were rather easily washed in the kitchen afterwards!
Our lovely waitress Aoife was helpful, pleasant and not over imposing. 
Our dining neighbours may have been a tad young, but they so happened to be one of Ireland’s up and coming Rhythm and Blues/Rock bands….none other than The Strypes! These four young lads were more than happy to pose for photos alongside us mature ladies (mature in age only!).
Later that night we enjoyed the amazing music by The Strypes in the Backroom at McGrory’s and then it was all heads into the bar for a wee tipple before bed. There was fun, craic and banter at every turn.
After a great night’s sleep in our comfy beds, it was to the dining room we did venture for breakfast at 9.30am. What a brekkie it turned out to be. From a selection of cereals, yoghurt, cheese, breads and so very much more, it was then that the grilled breakfast was consumed. If ever there was a breakfast to write home about, this was certainly it. I think we all spent most of the day talking about it from thereon.
And coincidentally our neighbours for breakfast just happened to be the four young gentlemen from The Strypes once more. We’ll be making this experience our claim to fame to our grandchildren in the not too distant future I’m certain.
Prior to checking out of the hotel, we set out on a delightful walk to the beach and back to the bar for coffee and hot chocolate before the long (ha) journey back to Muff!
From arrival on Saturday lunchtime until departure Sunday lunchtime McGrory’s proved a haven for us four ladies. It was comfortable, relaxed and a very pleasant experience in every way.
Shall we return? Most definitely. The staff took care of our every need and pleasantries were plentiful. This is one retreat I intend to escape to again. I think lunch shall be had there very soon.
For a weekend away or like ourselves, just one night, this is a little piece of heaven on our doorstep. Why on earth would one want to go anywhere else? McGrory’s we shall be seeing you again soon 🙂 

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