Kids are Reading!

Yesterday, March 5th was World Book Day. I was delighted to be a part of it in Derry during the afternoon. From 1pm – 5pm I hosted a book table at Rath Mór Shopping Centre, courtesy of Guildhall Press and Little Acorns Bookstore, Derry. All proceeds from this sale were going towards Northern Ireland’s Childrens Hospice.
During this time a number of books were purchased by children and their parents. The approximate age of the kids was probably around 8. Each and every one of them who looked through the selection of books became alive with excitement and enthusiasm as they searched the pages for enlightenment. Some stories were fairytale, some were scary, and some were factual. But all of them allowed for the expansion of the imagination. And all of them allowed the children to become excited with anticipation. Every child who visited the table today purchased at least one book and each left with excited faces about their impending read.
Today only served to enhance my belief that books really are the way to develop and inspire our children’s imagination. Books allow our children to develop their vocabulary but also to explore their own imagination. Books are alive in the world today contrary to what the technology world might have us believe. Here’s hoping this amazing pastime only grows and grows. Happy reading one and all 🙂

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