Lunch at Cafe Del Mondo

Yesterday I spent yet another day speculating about spectacles. I’m becoming an expert in choosing glasses for family and friends. I wear glasses myself and always enjoy experimenting with colour, so in recent years others have asked me to come along and assist in their new purchase of eyewear when needed. Yesterday was the most recent. My big sis is home for her half-term break and decided that it was time to get the eye test updated and perhaps a new pair of specs. So the cavalry was called in – my good self!
Off we headed to Specsavers in Derry City centre, and a full hour was spent trying to decide on the right pair. Finally I managed to convince her that the new Karen Millen style was perfect for herself – they were funky, colourful, and definitely on trend. Eventually she settled on the said pair and I didn’t refuse when she offered to buy me lunch. I suggested Cafe Del Mondo in the Craft Village. Big sis never heard of it. Oh, she has a lot to learn about Derry.
I introduced her to the said Cafe and immediately she was impressed. Initially the outdoor decor appealed to her, and then the interior. On entering we were promptly directed to a table; drinks order was taken and a menu was delivered. Shortly after we both ordered our desired dish, burger for herself and the delicious chicken supreme for my good self. 
Both dishes were supreme in every way and the service excellent. I’ll certainly be returning again soon, and I don’t doubt that on her next visit, big sis will do likewise.
With funky glasses in the making, and a great lunch in her tum, my big sis can certainly say that this was one half-term when her little sis rose to the challenge once again! Sisterly love, ye couldn’t beat it!

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