Thank you.

Just a wee note to say ‘thank you’ to one and all for following this wee blog. I’ve started out just reviewing anything cultural and indeed just general happenings in my life in this wonderful part of North West Ireland. Living in this delightful village of Muff, Inishowen, and bordering Derry City and just a short run to Letterkenny, there is so much happening in this small area.
I might waffle on at times about my own wee day to day experiences but it’s all happening here in the North West. We’re no longer the forgotten part of Ireland, we’re very much in the here and now. And as for the amazing people and their talent, it’s a really great time to be part of such a fabulous community.
North West Culture is reaching people the world over and the North West diaspora is reading about all our experiences here in Muff and it’s surroundings.
So folks do keep reading this wee blog and enjoy every minute. Life is too short to let any experience pass us by, so let’s ensure that we are indeed here for a good time and not a long time. Mind you, the longer we stay here, the better. Here’s to more fun and cultural experiences.

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