Village ladies week 2 of ‘Fit Camp’!

The village ladies are going strong and just completed their second week of fit camp. These gals, both young and not so young (myself being in the latter…in body not in mind!!) are struggling through and surprising themselves as each day goes by.
The week started off with ‘Insanity’ on Monday morning. A group of 16 gals going insane on the village all-weather pitch at 6.15am on a Monday is a sight for sore eyes…but there’s more than sore eyes at the end of that crazy hour!
On Wednesday they partook in an hour of ‘bums and tums’! That sounded fine until the ‘dog pee stance’ started pulsing and the frog jumps started croaking (the joints that was not the throats!). As for kicking those heels in the air, we thought about kicking a certain Mia instead. But again the gals all fought the pain and looked forward to the relaxing yoga on Friday!

Today was that alleged relaxing Yoga time! Yeah right. Bendy Aunty Fran can be all meek and mild in appearance but then it all starts. The shoulders are pulled back (dislocated more like), the backs are straightened (ouch) and then the flesh is pushed away from the buttocks (if only it would stay away). And we’re posing and stretching and flipping well retching! Relaxing is just a distant memory.
But against the odds we, the village ladies, are indeed learning fast that we ‘won’t get the butt we want by sitting on the one we have’. So as Mia continues to say, ‘it’s good pain’ we’ll continue with this exercise on these mornings before our brains can ever work out what we’re doing! It’s working so far, so here’s to the next 5 weeks of this crazy world of fit camp!

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