10K Fun Run/Walk in Muff!

This coming Sunday, August 24th sees the annual fun run/walk in memory of a young local man, Maurice McMenamin, take place. The run/walk will raise funds for The Meningitis Research Foundation and also for Aoibheann’s Pink Tie. The local community never fails to amaze in times of need. And this coming Sunday will be no exception.
Registration will begin from 2pm at The Carmans Inn and the fun will start from there. Bring a friend or three and help raise much needed funds for these charities. The afternoon will definitely be a fun one and there will no doubt be a little madness thrown in.
Sometimes little villages in the North West of Ireland tend to be forgotten about in the bigger scale of the country. However these villages never forget each other and certainly never forget their loved ones who have left this world too early.
The day will also be assisting a young girl in our village who is currently undergoing treatment for

leukaemia . Aoibheann’s Pink Tie does amazing work for children with cancer.
So this coming Sunday will be an opportunity to help children with cancer and for us all to smile and remember young Maurice. It is a great opportunity for everyone to help raise funds for The Meningitis Research Foundation and Aoibheann’s Pink Tie. Come along and enjoy the fun!

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