Week 1 of Ladies ‘Fit Camp’!

Well the group of ladies who embarked on the most recent fit camp with Mia Fun Fitness have just completed the first of 7 weeks. And what a week it’s been. From the onset of the fitness test on Monday morning at 6.15am to Yoga earlier today with Bendy Aunty Fran, there were many highs and just a few lows. Well lows when you consider the ‘frog jumping’ and ‘dog pee’ stances!!! One does need to go quite low for such!
And there was the high’s of burpees, basketball jumps, yoga stretches and more! There’s just no end to what one must do in one of these hour long sessions. Sometimes you wish the time away and others you just swear at Mia! But when that hour is done, somehow normality resumes and the body feels good!
The ‘dreaded’ warm-up on a daily basis leaves nothing to the imagination. One’s body is in such outrageous positions and the sweat is a rolling that it’s just as well we are well hidden from public viewing. Mia shouts, ‘good pain’ and somehow one just can’t believe her, but then when it’s done, we’re inclined to forget her torture!
Good pain or not, the week is complete and we are all still intact. A bit achy in places we didn’t know existed, sore muscles we didn’t know we had, but sheer relief that the weekend is upon us and we have two free days. So girls take my advice and enjoy. ‘Cos Monday morning is just around the corner!!

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