The Magnet Bar and Restaurant!

The Magnet Bar  is situated on the Culmore Road, just outside Derry City and just a short distance from the village of Muff. The bar was recently taken over by the Bentley Bar in Derry. It now offers a wide range of food and drinks in a very comfortable surrounding.
I’ve visited quite a few times lately, both for lunch and dinner, and each visit has only encouraged me to come back for more.

The standard of food is extremely good and the price is exceptional good value. Some people consider is cheap and cheerful, which is certainly is but it also has a really good quality feel to it all. The restaurant is a quiet haven and spacious. Mind you it was everything but quiet during the recent World Cup!
It is primarily a sports bar, but it is somewhere you can go with family or friends, and enjoy a very good quality meal.
Yesterday I tried the Chicken Caesar Salad with salt and chilli chips. It was simply delicious. And I even had enough left over to take home for tea!
The bar also possesses a good range of wines at a price to suit everyone. This establishment is definitely worth a visit!

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