Fit Ladies in a North West village!

Fitness is all the rage in the modern world. And the small village of Muff in Co. Donegal is no exception. A group of ladies attend a regular ‘fit camp’ in the village and a few months ago I decided to sign up and see if I could get fit at ’40+’! I proved successful! Well I believe I did so as I’m currently in training for a 10k run in just over one weeks time and earlier this week I signed up to yet another 7 week ‘fit camp’! I must be mad! Some believe it’s a mid-life crisis. But I believe I’ve not yet hit my ‘mid-life’ just yet!!
So the said group of ladies are all part of Mia’s Fun Fitness gang. Mia is the instructor and keeps us on our toes…or heels, or in the plank position, or the frog position etc etc….
Three mornings a week, we crazy gals meet at 6.15am and the fun begins. The dreaded warm up gets us set up for the hour ahead. As one new lady mentioned this morning, ‘is this seriously just the warm up’. Such is the intensity from the beginning! Following that it can be a session of ‘insanity’ like today, or the fitness test, the hill sprints, the boxercise, the circuits or the many other crazy classes Mia lines up for us. Then on a Friday morning we have our Yoga with ‘Bendy Aunty Fran’. Fran has tried to pull my wee bones apart (or so I thought in the beginning) but is in fact helping my body to stretch and indeed tone. Between crazy Mia and Bendy Fran, the ladies in our wee village are certainly shaping up to compete with the big bad world of fitness. We gals are no ordinary village ladies…we’re Mia’s mad gang!
Although we have many laughs, and indeed many pains, the experience is showing each of us how we really can get in shape and turn our lives around.
North West Culture might just follow these gals over the coming weeks and see just how far the fitness levels can develop in 7 short weeks. And also prove that a group of non-runners can very quickly become a group of runners and successfully complete 10k!
Here’s looking at you gals!

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