MOSS BROS. at Austins, Derry!

It’s not always the easiest thing to go shopping for a young man’s suit. And certainly not when the young man in question has firm ideas about the exact colour and tailoring of the suit he wants. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but never expected it to be quite so difficult.
Yesterday we embarked on the journey around Derry and all it’s menswear shops. One look at a particular ‘blue’ suit and it’s ‘too dark’. Another shop, ‘the blue isn’t nice’. And then, ‘there’s too much stitching in that’. There was even, ‘no point in taking that off the hanger, I don’t like the colour’. There were plenty of suits but just not the right one.
So I decided to call it a day and head for food. Whilst walking towards Bishop street and our regular haunt I suggested we pop into Austins Department Store of the way past. To which the reply came, ‘I don’t like Austins’! So I told the said 16 year old, ‘we’re going in to have a look’. And that was possibly the best thing I said to him all day! We went in through the front doors and straight ahead was As soon as we entered Moss Bros the 16 year old was immediately drawn to a very blue suit hanging above! It came off the hanger and it was announced that ‘this is the suit I want’. I was just a tad relieved. Then I saw the price tag. Yikes. But after all the trekking around I decided we’d seriously consider this purchase if after trying on, it was still a success.

It was then that a young gentleman assistant came along and offered his services. There was no pressure just encouragement and comment. It turned out the said suit was even on sale…at an extremely good price. So the suit was tried on, and it was decided that it was indeed being bought. So then it was enquiries about a bow tie and braces. To which the exact requirement was in store. The young gentleman then suggested we look at a white shirt which was also on sale. And then the ‘silk hankie’ was thrown in for free!
The entire outfit was purchased within half an hour. That was after a day’s trooping around every mans shop in Derry to no avail.
The service we received in was second to none. That young man was the perfect salesman. We shall definitely return.

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