Muff Festival 2014 shone through the rain!

Last weekend saw the annual Muff Festival 2014 take place once more. It may have been wet and very blustery at times, but the festival spirit in Muff never wavered. People came along in their wellies and their rain coats. Kids played in the puddles. And most importantly lots of fun and frolics was had.
From the opening parade on Friday night, to the closing songs at 2am on Monday night/Tuesday morning, it was a weekend to remember.
Saturday saw a lot of rain fall and many thought that Sunday would be a no-go. But as ever the people of Muff surpassed themselves. They came out and they enjoyed. The kids raced and played. Cullens amusements were in full swing by Sunday afternoon. Street performers and Mickey Mouse were mingling with all!
The Red Cross from the area were spreading a very powerful message throughout the weekend and most especially on the Sunday. It simply said ‘Don’t be a bully, Be a Friend!’

The organisers of this festival have worked throughout the entire year as always to bring the weekend together. Keep up this great work folks. It’s very much appreciated by all in the area and further afield.
As always we all have our own highlights from a weekend like this. And mine was the following!

For me this was being awakened to the musical talent that is ever present in Muff village. On Friday night Route ’66 played at the Festival Queen dance. They brought young and old under the one roof. They entertained into the wee hours. Liam Atcheson, from the village, fronts this group with his vocals. Anything can be sung by this man (however Liam, do pass on that dreaded bloody Wagonwheel!!). Golly G and Mickey B played over the weekend. These guys are brilliant musically, vocally and just born entertainers. Ghosts Legs played on the Saturday night and at last the village has some real new talent. These guys are simply great. Luke McLaughlin (adopted by Muff) gave an amazing performance on Saturday night. Milk Thistle play in the village every weekend and again, great musical talent. And then there is the talent hidden among the crowds. Those like Natalie, Dunn, Francie, the mischievous Decky Reid, Big Billy and his son, and so many more. If a music festival could be held in Muff, there’d be no need to bring in from the outer area. Muff has in all right in the village.
So it’s all over for another year, but 2015 is just around the corner….we’ll be waiting!

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