LETTER from PARIS, book review!

LETTER from PARIS is the second novel from Thérèse! I had the great pleasure of first meeting Thérèse two years ago, whilst she was visiting Derry. At this time her first novel India’s Summer had just been published. India’s Summer told the story of India Butler and her visit to her sister in LA. The novel was a story of self discovery and exploration for India and was in many ways a self-help guide for many women. I enjoyed the read tremendously and fell in love with India. I’ve been waiting ever since to see just where India has found herself in the interim. I’ve now found my answers!

‘LETTER from PARIS is the continuation of India’s story and takes us to London, Paris and New York. The story tells us how a trip to Paris for India threatens to derail her – or make things all they are supposed to be. With a new job, a new friend, a potential new lover…and an old lover, India is dealing with nearly as much as she can handle. But that’s only the beginning!’
India’s new job takes her to a whole new world. Primarily that world is in Paris. Here she meets some new people who will change her life forever. A new journey, both personal and professional, begins! The journey India embarks upon will showcase love, friendship, homosexuality, childbirth, post natal depression and much self discovery.
The characters all develop throughout the story and India grows in so many ways. She finds herself and realises just how to discover ones true self worth. Life lessons are continually under scrutiny and learned the hard way, but  captured in a very real light.
This novel is yet again one of discovery and learning. It certainly is a ladies read but it’s one with many morals and lessons. It teaches about one self as it progresses. It is in many ways inspirational and educational. India is someone who can teach us how to pursue a dream and make it a reality. It teaches us how to accept people for who they are and the old cliche, ‘never judge a book by it’s cover’! It shows that people are not always what they seem and it explores many serious personal issues.
India may well be a fictitious character but many readers will see themselves in her, and learn from her.
Thérèse captures the Parisian world to perfection. We can picture the hotels, the streets and almost taste the wine. One will even read the French words in a French accent (guaranteed)!
The book not only looks great and reads better, but it also has a feeling of elegance about it. The cover and pages of the novel have an unusual texture that it feels elegant to the very touch.
There are many words of inspiration within this novel but my favourite must surely be Leonard Cohens ‘Act the way you want to be and soon you’ll be the way you act’! It teaches one to be confident and believe in oneself.
This book will have you (as it has me) craving a Parisian holiday and adventure. It will instill in you the belief in yourself and it will leave you wanting more. If there’s one holiday read you need this summer, it’s ‘LETTER from PARIS’ by Thérèse, and published by The Story Plant. You won’t regret it!
LETTER from PARIS is published on June 10th and coming to a bookstore near you this summer!

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