Marks of Time: Exhibition by Manus Deery!

A Watercolour Painting Exhibition, considering the buildings that have contributed to Derry City and made it what it is today, is currently on display at The Playhouse in Derry. The exhibition is running until Friday April 11th.
The show illustrates the development of the city’s architecture over time through 72 watercolour sketches, supplemented by brief explanatory notes.
Today’s city is a complex place, influenced by its site, available materials and local traditions, yet displays influences from ideas across the world. It is a city with places of great beauty, and a robust character making it a city to be proud of.
The exhibition, which was first launched at The Playhouse in June last year, now returns until  April 11th.
All paintings are for sale with donations going to the Simon Community Northern Ireland.  Deery is the Principal Conservation Architect in the Historic Buildings Unit of the Northern Ireland Environment Agency. How fitting that an architect is donating  proceeds from his exhibition to the Simon Community!
The accompanying book, MARKS OF TIME, published by Guildhall Press (Derry), is on sale from all local bookshops.
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