You know you’re Irish when……

For the weekend that’s in it!!
You know you’re Irish when….
1. You don’t need to study for exams ‘cos your Granny lit a candle!
2. You thank bus drivers!
3. You do the four claps in the song ‘the Wild Rover’ without fail every time!
4. You show your love for friends and family by insulting them!
5. You can call someone ‘mad’ and mean it as a compliment!
6. You touch the electric fence for the craic!
7. The best reason to do something is for the craic!
8. You’re not drinking? Are you on antibiotics?
9. Flat Coke or 7UP heals all illnesses!
10. When all your phonecalls end in ‘Right, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye’!
So whatever you do tonight and tomorrow just enjoy being Irish. It’s a blessing in every way. Happy St. Patrick’s Day one and all :)

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