New Works by Jim Osbourne!

The Steamy Windows Collection by Jim Osborne opens at An Grianán Theatre in Letterkenny on Friday, 28th February 2014 at 7.30pm. This collection is a new departure for Osborne. The work has been carried out very quickly by the artist with his fingers on steamy glass. He says ‘I create the mind’s cues for perception of a figure, or figures. The background is provided by the real world behind the window caught with careful camera positioning, and captured before it is lost, seconds later. Nothing but vapour and light’.

The artist himself is a self-taught landscape artist who works in watercolour, acrylic and oils. His inspiration is his own surroundings, the light, the weather and its many moods. His work is in private collections in the US, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Uk and Ireland. He started painting on his return to Ireland in 2001 and was tutored in watercolour by a local artist. He has since developed his own style which is both bold and full of colour.

This latest exhibition of his works will run until April 26th 2014. It puts a whole new meaning on those ‘steamy windows’ which we all encounter!

Everyone is welcome to the opening on Friday 28th February and light refreshments will be served on the night.

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