Mary Deeney’s Got Talent!

A new and exciting talent competition is coming to the village of Muff! Recently reopened Mary Deeney’s bar on the Ture Road is hosting ‘Mary Deeney’s Got Talent’. The fun will start this coming Friday night and run until the final night, February 28th. With the exception of Valentines weekend, the competition will be held weekly on Friday nights during February.
String Fellas will be hosting the event. They will play and entertain on all nights. They are asking people to contact them for more information regarding entry into the competition. Prizes will be, a €50 bar tab for the winner of the weekly heats and a whooping €250 for the overall winner on February 28th. String Fellas can be contacted by their facebook page, or pop into Mary Deeney’s and enquire at the bar!
For anyone who’s NOT talented, you may also enter this talent competition! There will be an award titled ‘God loves a trier’, so it could be you! So if you wish to attempt a song, a dance, or other, there’s no reason not to!! But perhaps leave the worst to last and help the owners clear the bar at closing time!
‘Mary Deeney’s Got Talent’ gets underway this coming Friday night. Time for everyone to get rehearsing!
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