Waterside Greenway walk, Derry!

Having heard about the new walkway which is now open along the River Foyle in Derry’s Waterside, I decided it was time to check it out earlier this evening. So off myself and husband went for our stroll; which turned into a rather brisk walk. Calories were definitely burned!

The walk stretches from Ebrington right down to the Foyle Bridge. It’s absolutely stunning. The sign specifies that it’s a 25 minute walk each way. I’m confident that I can do it in 20, but even if you stroll along at perhaps 40 minutes each way, you are guaranteed a beautiful, scenic walk. On returning back to Ebrington this evening the sun was setting and it provided an amazing view whilst walking.

This is a family friendly, spacious, stunning walk. It’s a fabulous addition to the many other walkways in the city area. For me, it now remains to do the full circle. Foyle Street car park, across the Peace Bridge, down Greenway, across the Foyle Bridge and up the cityside to Foyle Street car park once more. Before the month is out, it shall be accomplished.

But in the meantime, do go along and enjoy this beautiful walk. And if like me, you feel peckish afterwards, pop into the ‘Snug’ bar at The Waterfoot hotel and enjoy some exceptional food. It is January afterall. Time to treat oneself!

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