Inch Days

Inch Days is a collection of poems and paintings by Catherine Canning, and published by Guildhall Press. Catherine is a self-taught artist and winner of the Best Collection of Poetry at the Charles Macklin Autumn School of 2006. Inch Days is her debut collection of verse, complemented by evocative paintings illustrating the calm, rural beauty of Inishowen in Co. Donegal.

Inch Days celebrates the time that the poet lived in a cottage on Inch Island, Co. Donegal. She lived here for a number of years and continues to visit to the present day. The seasons, nature and the experiences of those who lived in the house all feature in her work. She is compelled to write by her own admission and freely enjoys writing down in verse her everyday experiences. In many ways the collection is an autobiography of hers days spent in Inch.

I heard Catherine read and speak recently at an event in the Verbal Arts Centre in Derry and she told a lot of stories about the house featured on the cover of the book. It holds many precious memories for her and these have been captured for eternity in her verse. We the reader are fortunate to also recapture these memories through her poetry and paintings.

‘In this collection of my poetry and paintings I attempt to capture my love of nature, of Inch Island and the sense of belonging I felt while living there. Through the pages of this book I hope you, too, will be transported to another time, another place, a walk through my Inch Days, and linger a while to cherish where it takes you.’

We, the reader do indeed cherish where this book takes us. It is tranquil and beautiful in so many ways. Inch Days is available at all good book stores, including Little Acorns and Easons in Derry, priced at £11.95.

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