The Cut Cast Quartet

On Saturday last I had just left the Playhouse in Derry after seeing one of the year’s highlights in theatre. Sam Shepherd’s ‘A Particle of Dread’ had my mind blown away. I was walking along William Street still mulling over what I’d just witnessed when I came upon a ‘Gallery’. I hadn’t noticed this before. Then it came to me that a friend of mine had told me about this exhibition and I’d forgotten it with all that had just happened.

So theatre was put to the back of my mind and in I went to this ‘pop up’ Gallery. Immediately I was drawn by the colours and creativity that enveloped the space. There was photography, wood carvings, bronze exhibits and various sculptures.

I was pressed for time so I had to make a rather quick viewing of each. It may have been rushed but I was amazed by what I saw. This was art with a difference. When we enter an art gallery we expect to see paintings on a wall. This was so much more.

I then had to ask myself who or what is The Cut Cast Quartet? So I took to their information leaflet to find my answer. These artists are Philip McFadden and George Doherty from Derry, and Jess McSparron and Kevin McLaughlin from Donegal. George Doherty shows a sequence from the Replacement series, sculptures which paraphrase the new. Philip McFadden taxes and overthrows the grace and favour of the iconic bronze bust. Kevin McLaughlin makes sculpture and takes photographs, his subject are rendered with insight yet discreetly revealed. Jess McSparron twists designs to sculpt forms that emphasise the strengths of natural materials and signal the redundancy of showroom chic.

This is a crossing of borders amalgamated in art and creativity. It is a coming together and a unity in craft. It opens ones eyes and ones heart to the world of art. This exhibition runs in William Street until Friday 20th December 2013. The Gallery will be open from 11am till 5pm Tuesday through to Saturday. Pop along and see for yourself just what they have in store.

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