Writes of Spring – Celebrating Age Through Art

Last night saw the launch of a beautiful collection of writing titled ‘Writes of Spring‘. This is a book of words created from the Arts and Older People’s programme ‘Celebrating Age Through Art’ facilitated by Creggan Enterprises.

Creggan Enterprises, a Social Economy organisation based at Ráth Mór in Derry’s Creggan neighbourhood, received funding from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland under the Arts and Older People’s Programme to run a programme of artistic courses for local residents in the Spring of 2013. The ‘Celebrating of Age Through Art’ project was open to everyone aged fifty or over and the Creative Writing sessions were facilitated, and inspired, by Eamonn Baker.

‘Writes of Spring presents a collection of original creative output reflecting in verse and prose the array of life experiences, emotions, and observations teased from these highly enjoyable sessions,’ said Eamonn Baker.

Last night we got to hear a number of contributors read their work and enjoy their publishing moment. It was a very emotional night for many as it is their first time in print. This is a lovely collection of words and truly inspirational.

The book is dedicated to the memory of Damien McFadden. Damien’s mother Anne was a participant on the project and has three pieces in the collection. Damien died shortly before this publication. One of Anne’s pieces is her poem, Just One Flower, which recreates a loving moment from Damien’s childhood, and was written during these writing sessions with Eamonn. Eamonn bravely, and proudly, read the poem last night. It touched everyone.

Writes of Spring is published by Guildhall Press and is available to buy at just £4.95.

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