Lumiere Derry 2013

Four magical winter evenings have just finished in Derry. Nearing the end of it’s UK City of Culture year, the city has hosted a wide variety of events which have surpassed all expectation. This past weekend has gone a step further.

Artists and lighting designers turned Derry into a huge outdoor gallery. Familiar buildings and spaces were transformed with light! A magical fire garden proved to be the highlight for most of the 150,000+ visitors.

Artists from France, Portugal, Northern Ireland, Australia, Poland, America and The Netherlands showcased art through various light forms and the city was awash with colour and light.

It was a most amazing spectacle and what made it so outstanding was seeing families walking the city walls by night. Smiles on every face. No one was rushing and everyone strolled along with the crowds. Everyone got time to see every display. The security and assistance was spectacular.

The Derry streets were alive once more with people. Everyone with a shared interest; to celebrate the Lumiere Derry. It was an occasion to walk the streets and just look around you.

This is one festival people will want to see back in Derry. A dazzling city and people bedazzled!

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