Laure Prouvost wins Turner Prize 2013

Do you want a cup of tea?
AB: Oh, yes please that would be lovely.
I’m gonna make a tea, so we can all have tea here. We can sit on all the chairs there. You could sit there, someone else could sit there.

This is the introduction to Laure Prouvost’s Wantee installation which has just won the Turner Prize 2013. Prouvost herself narrates the entire piece, inviting her audience into her grandparents kitchen. It is an account of how her grandparents would feel about having us visit their home. This film allows us to visit this home.

Wantee is a playful narrative and takes the audience on a documentary style exploration of the life of an eccentric artist. The character of Prouvost’s grandfather shares a chaotic and quaint home with his wife, cluttered with works that resulted from creative energy.

The exhibit is at Gallery 2 at Ebrington and it welcomes you in with its dim lighting and the sound of Prouvost’s voice narrating. You are at once transformed into a visitor to this chaotic life of Prouvost’s grandparents and we witness a collection of various artistic works. You are immediately encaptured into this world and it’s exposes emotions of sadness, happiness, energy and fun.

Prouvost was clearly quite shocked on her win tonight. She repeatedly said ‘I’m not ready yet’! Prouvost told Channel 4 that this work was ‘an incredible project’. It certainly was and is a deserved winner of Turner 2013.

Laure Prouvost is the third non British artist to win this prestigious award. The Turner Prize continues its exhibition at Ebrington until early January 2014.

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